Calum Cooper

I’m Calum Cooper, professional midlands boxing champion.

Current record:

– 7 wins out of 9 fights

– prizefighter quarter finalised

– former British masters gold challenger

– about to take biggest fight of my career to date against former Olympic captain Thomas stalker on March 8th 2014 to be shown live on box nation!

I currently am managed by Jon Pegg and train down the studio boxing club in cotteridge, Birmingham with Gary blower. I train to win, no matter the odds of the task and never take short cuts. My motto is ‘all or nothing’ and I live and train by that motto! I run everyday, I train everyday, my body needs the right fuel to keep up.

Bodyshocker and fitness factory provide me the best nutrition and supplements to keep me up to scratch. Nutrition and protein are essential in every day workouts and so is recovery – so a big thank you to these sponsors for their support!

With the right team, support and dedication to my craft, I cannot be stopped!!