Dean Crazy Legs Williams

Dean “Crazy Legs” Williams is a Martial Artist, Actor, Stunt Choreographer and Performer from the West Midlands.

Dean has choreographed fight sequences for TV and film and is experienced in acrobatic kicking techniques such as butterfly and 540 variations, split kicks, jumping and spinning kicks.  He also specialises in weapons such as Nunchaku, Broadsword, Kama, Tonfa and Bo Staff.

He currently teaches Martial Arts on a full time basis in the West Midlands and conducts courses and seminars all over the UK.  He is currently the P.K.A. Middleweight Kickboxing Champion, as well as 5th Degree Black Belt.

Dean has been involved in Martial Arts for 25 years now and has won many National competitions as well as representing England abroad..

Dean appears on TV, Film, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Stage Shows, Live Performances, Stunt Work and Modelling!