Shay Aminzadeh

Our very own Shay is also one of our sponsored athletes!


I have been training for many years and had never taken my diet seriously enough to compete in a body building competition so that is what I knew I had to work hard at. My goal was to enter a body building competition, and be happy with my physique knowing that entering the competition looking like a serious competitor. When I entered the UKBFF West Midlands qualifier in 2013, I knew I had trained hard and dieted harder but had no idea I had done so well. Placing first was like a dream come true!

Next year I am aiming to enter more Bikini competitions, the first one planned for April. I have learnt a lot from my first competition and have scrutinised photos of myself against some of the world class competitors who I competed alongside in the British Finals. This has helped me hugely as I have been able to identify areas that I want to work on even harder.

I am looking forward to working closely with team bodyshocker to enable me to get my supplements and diet perfect so that I can compete in better shape next year. I want to compete in at least four competitions next year, and want to enter the UKBFF again and qualify first in my region, but my ultimate goal is to place at the British Finals.


I love food, love to cook and love to eat even more, so this has been the hardest part. I have learnt a lot about diet from talking to other people, who have either competed or know a lot about nutrition, taking tips from them. To compete in UKBFF in October, I was dieting for around 10-12 weeks. I did a “no carbs” diet which worked well to give me the desired results. I would generally eat six or seven meals per day, ensuring I have protein every time, and had no salt and sugar. A typical day for me would be:-

• Breakfast – A five egg scrambled egg (1 yolk only), with half a tin of tomatoes

• Meal two – A plain roasted chicken breast with spinach salad, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

• Meal three – Healthy chilli, lean mince beef with onion, tinned tomatoe, tomatoe puree, green beans/courgettes, chilli flakes with Brocoli/green beans and low fat cottage cheese

• Meal four – Meat pattys, either turkey or lean mince beef with egg and onions, with a rocket/spinach/brocoli salad with olive oil and cider vinegar

• Meal five – Low Carb Protien Shake from Bodyshocker

• Meal six – Dry fried steak and rocket salad, olive oil and cider vinegar, with a cherry tomatoes

• Meal seven/sweet tooth meal – If I fee like I need something sweet, my treat is either low fat natural yoghurt with Chocolate flavour protien shake and sweetner or low fat natural yoghurt with a little poortion of sugar free jelly

• Suplements – I use supplements from Bodyshocker as I know I can trust them. When dieting for competition I take Fat burners, multi vitamins, vitamin C, Omega 3/Cod liver oil, and drink plenty of green tea. Closer to the competition I take tablets that help minimise the water retention and dry you up for that super shredded look!

I have since learnt that a “no carbs” diet is not the best/healthiest way to achieve resluts, in fact eating carbs is still very important, but just ensuring it’s the right carbs, the right amount, at the right time. Eating “no carbs” can leave you feeling tired/lathargic with not enough energy to push yourself hard enough in your training sessions.

Everyone who competes knows that you have your “on season” and “off season”, and I don’t know anyone that can maintain a cometition ready body all year round. I stay in shape all year round by training hard all the time and eating sensibly, and just diet extra hard for competitions. I am really looking forward to working closely with team bodyshocker in the new year, they have a wealth of knowledge and I know that through their help and advice on suplements, diet and training I will be able to achieve my goals in 2014.

Training – the best bit!

I love training! I am one of those people who I’d call a “gym bunny”, in the gym every night straight after work, mon-fri. I know we all have “bad” days but I will still go to the gym anyway and 9 times out of 10 it makes you feel better.

The majority of my training is weights. I break my training up into body parts, so that I can really concerntrate on one part at a time. I try and do aproximately six different excersizes on which ever body part I am training. I do three sets on each excersize ensuring I am constantly checking my form (in the mirror) to get the best out of the excersize. I also like to superset when training, you get it done quicker and you get more of a burn and feel like you have trained harder.

I generally tend to train most body areas at least once per week and abs around 2-3 times per week. I used to train abs every day when I was younger but realised keeping a good form already trains them, therefore there is no need to do them every day, and also they too need time to rest. lMy least favorite excersise is cardio, I usually do high intensity (sometimes intervals) on the bike, cross training and running, and I only usually do around 10 minutes or 20 if I’m feeling crazy. I do like to run outside, but when the weather isn’t nice I tend to stay indoors and stick to bike, cross trainer or tredmill.

I always like to push myself hard when training, and I know it’s cheesey to say but I always say no pain no gain. You are not going to get results unless you put in the hard work with training and diet.

After competing at the West Midlands UKBFF and the British finals I am training harder and heavier to ensure that I gain results on the areas I am working on and I know that Team bodyshocker will help me achieve the results I want through suplements and advice.