Gio Cantone

Company Director

About me:   I’m loud, passionate, enthusiastic, hard working, always animated and slightly mad! However, I always try find time to have some fun along the way!

What I enjoy most:  The most satisfying part of job is helping our customers to be successful and reaching their fitness/business goals. I am definitely driven by their success!

What frustrates me?  Not having enough time to work with my customers.  Some say that’s my fault because I talk too much, I say it’s my Italian heritage!

My favourite supplements:  Pre-workouts!  I train at 8pm, and after a long, busy day at work, I need something to boost my energy levels and help me focus.

Personal Achievements:  Coming 3rd in the National Finals of Men’s Health Cover Model Competition.

Most embarrassing moment:  Arriving at a wedding reception dressed up as Rambo when it wasn’t fancy dress!!!!!!!!! (The groom and friends had convinced me the wedding reception was going to be fancy dress and the theme was heroes!)

My strongest trait:  My sincerity. I suppose I all too often wear my heart on my sleeve!

My worst trait:  Lack of patience. I know what I want and I hate having to wait!  Hot headed Italian?  NOT quite!

What do I do to unwind:  Being the CEO, you never really switch off.  However, to chill out I love listening to music of any genre.  Spending time with the family is also great fun – we love to watch movies together and eating out always goes down well.

How do I stay motivated?  I love a challenge and don’t accept failure!  I always push myself, whether it’s in the gym or in the office.  It’s all about continuous improvement.

Favourite ‘cheat’ meal?  That’s easy, traditional homemade pasta with Italian bread. Best experienced in southern Italy where the ingredients are always fresh and home grown.

Any words of advice?  Yeah, Train hard, eat well, live life!

My contact details:       E-mail  –