Jack van Wyngaardt

National Sales Manager

I was born and bred in South Africa and have been resident in the UK since 2002.

Coming from a strong sporting family, Ive always been very competitive in
everything I do, whether it was on the field playing rugby, on the wrestling mat,
Bodybuilding or at work.

I worked for (USN) Ultimate Sports Nutrition for nearly 6 years before I came to
Bodyshocker.   I saw great potential in the company and decided to join a
fantastic team of individuals!

Ive got 2 beautiful daughters who I envy. My Life, My Pride

What do you do to unwind?   Spend time with my kids doing art or playing games

Favourite treat or cheat meal?   Home made Lasagne

Dream holiday destination?   Italy or Rome

Favourite film actor?   Matthew McConaughey