Shay Aminzadeh

Office/Sales Co-ordinator

I was born in London, and moved to Solihull when I was around 5 years old.  I have always been into training/fitness from a young age, inspired by a family of fitness freaks!  My grandpa is 92 and still trains for 2 hrs per day, 6 days per week, my mum is a triathlete and swimmer and used to swim alongside Sharon Davies when she was young, and my dad used to compete in athletics for his country and later went on to do a bit of bodybuilding.

Last year I decided to take my diet to the next level alongside my training, so that I could compete in a bikini competition.  I entered the UKBFF West Midlands Bikini over 163cm 2013 competition and won, subsequently Bodyshocker sponsored me as a Bodyshocker athlete.

Since then I have left my full time admin job to train to be a Personal trainer, and now I have now started working at Bodyshocker fulltime, and love it!  I still have a couple of clients that I train regularly on top of my training and full time job.  I also love my food/cooking and am always experimenting with and looking for recipes/healthy alternatives for meals that “bodybuilders” can eat, so if anyone has any amazing healthy recipes, let me know!

What do you do to unwind?   Train or Housework or watch films

Favourite treat or cheat meal?   Caspian stuffed crust donner kebab pizza and homemade rocky roads, mmmmmmmmmm!

Favourite place in the world?   Skiathos

What could you not live without?   My mascara and weights!

Who is your idol?   Wonderwoman, Jet from Gladiators and Pammy

What is your greatest achievement?   Winning the UKBFF West Midlands bikini over 163cm

Shock Fact about yourself?   I’m half Persian