Natural Performance Meals

My favourite product has to be the Performance Meals!

I’m so busy running the business as well as having two teenage boys to tend to, I hardly ever get the time to prepare healthy lunches; I’m always on the run! I was delighted to discover these handy, convenient, tasty meals which are also nutritionally good for you! They taste absolutely fantastic and are quick and easy to prepare (just microwave for a couple of mins) and they really do satisfy your appetite.

They are high in protein (for example the Thai has 48g) and contain lots of meat! They come in 5 delicious flavours, Thai Chicken, Mexican Beef, Beef Curry, Moroccan Chicken and the new Piri Piri Chicken. They have a long shelf life and do not need to be refrigerated, so I keep some in the cupboard at home for a quick dinner (I just add potato or Vegetables).

They contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are low fat and gluten free. I’m now waiting for the Healthy Banoffee Pie Pudding to be released, but I guess I will have a long wait as I don’t think that’s on the menu! However the manufacturers are always looking at new ideas for healthy meals, and we are hoping they do a breakfast meal next.

Liz Cantone. Director of Bodyshocker