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Dr Will's bodyshocker web bannerAs a doctor (Will) and a restauranteur (Josh), the sauces we found on the shelves just weren’t doing it for us. So we decided to come up with our own. We started cooking. Experimenting with all things natural, good and tasty. We began by cutting out all refined sugar – the only sugar in the sauce had to come from the fruits we were using. In fact, for us, this quickly became about something more than sugar. We wanted to create foods that taste amazing, don’t do you any harm, and look pretty awesome too!

Before too long we had a great tasting range of sauces. We tested them on friends and family at Will’s wedding, and Josh really put his money where his mouth is and trialled them in his restaurant. Luckily, everyone raved about them. With all this love for the sauce we thought it might be nice to share it,
and decided that if we could, we should. So that is how Dr Will’s was formed. A healthy sauce company, determined to add a healthy dose of flavour to plates all over the world.