Spicy Tandori Chicken Marinade

Throw the ingredients below into a blender (no need to hand chop, unless you have a large onion, which you might need to cut into halves or quaters). Now your marinade is ready for your chicken. Marinade your chicken in the sauce (the longer the better although you can cook straight away).

I use chicken breasts cut into a few pieces length ways (to help it cook though quicker). You can either pan fry the marinated chicken to get a more chargrilled effect or oven cook it in an oven dish to keep it more moist.

To pan fry, use a good non-stick pan with a little coconut oil to stop it sticking. Cook and turn the chicken until it is cooked through.

To oven cook, put the marinated chicken into an oven dish (with the lid on) 200 c, for around 20-30 mins depending on how large the chicken pieces are. Ensure the chicken is thoroughly cooked through.

• 0% fat Natural Yoghurt – 6 Tblsp
• Chilli (fresh) – 4 (more or less dependent on taste)
• Ground Cumin – 1 Tspn
• Fresh Ginger – 1-1.5cm grated
• Tumeric – ½ Tspn
• Black Pepper – 1 Tspn
• Ground Coriander (can add fresh if desired) – 1 Tspn
• Paprika – 1 Tspn
• Fresh Garlic Cloves – 4-6 cloves
• Lemon – 1 squeezed
• Lime – 1 squeezed
• Garam Masala – 1 Tspn
• Red Onion – 1
• Salt (optional) – ½ Tspn

I love this chicken, it is a change from the boring, plain, dry chicken breast that I see so many bodybuilders/healthy eaters eating. It feels like you’re having a bit of something naughty, when you’re not, and on the plus side the chilli and turmeric are great to help in speeding up your metabolism.