UK Fitness Awards January 2017

Bodyshocker were proud to be a sponsor at the UK Fitness Awards on Friday 20th January.

The UK Fitness awards was founded and is run by Adam Kiani. Some of you may recognise Adam from being on the front cover of “Personal Trainer” magazine and Gold medal winner in the 67kg category ICO world kickboxing championships. He also co-founded UK MMA.

The UK Fitness Awards is a non-profit organisation, which recognises contributions and achievements of fitness professionals from all areas of the fitness and leisure industry. Each category in the UK Fitness Awards is designed to celebrate best practice in the industry, from quality of work to inspiring experiences.

The evening started with Adam introducing it then he handed over to our very entertaining host Stephen Doran, author of book “Burn the Bullsh!t”. Stephen hosted the evening, keeping the crowd engaged with his witty humor and introducing all of the awards with great enthusiasm.

As one of the UK Fitness Awards sponsors Bodyshocker were asked to give a speech. CEO of Bodyshocker, Gio Cantone and Sales/Customer Services assistant Shay Aminzadeh, spoke to the crowd about Bodyshocker, telling them about who we are and what we do, emphasising that we are not your “usual” supplement warehouse/shop. We have staff who are interested in training and supplements, who have a vast knowledge between them, from Strongmen to Bikini Competitors, to others who just love to train hard, eat well and live life! What a privilege it was for us to be attending as a sponsor for the 2nd year running.

We were show casing and giving people at the UK Fitness awards a chance to taste some of our best selling products, Fulfil protein Bars, taking centre spot, Scitec and Vitargo. The feedback from people was tremendous. Fulfil bars took the place by storm, with comments such as “they taste too good to be good for you”, “they don’t leave a proteiny after taste” and “they taste more like a chocolate bar”. We sampled Scitec 100% Whey Professional and Vitargo Carbloader, people were amazed at the delicious flavour of the of the Scitec whey and the science behind the super soluble complex carb Vitargo.

stand 3FUlfil Bars and tasters and other brandsstand


Each year the UK Fitness Awards draws celebrities from the fitness industry who inspire us and make us strive for more. The celebrities this year made some inspiring, heartwarming, and funny speeches. Among them was the gentle giant Joe Egan. Many people know of Joe Egan by Mike Tyson’s famous comment about him ‘The toughest white man on the planet’! Joe stood on stage at the UK Fitness Awards and told us about his story. He started boxing in his homeland in Ireland and then went to America to fight and ended up fighting some of the best in the world, Lennox Lewis and of course Mike Tyson. Joe was so humble and captured everyone’s attention with his heart warming, exciting and funny story. After his captivating speech, he went on to hand out awards to some of the successful awards winners.

Joe Egan, Shay, Gio


Award for Pro Coach of the year went to Neil Hill celebrity personal trainer, ex-Bodybuilder, founder of YT3 and much more. Neil trains many big names in the bodybuilding/celebrity world such as Flex Lewis and William Bonac and has a vast knowledge behind him. Neil made a speech after receiving his award which was very entertaining, full of jokes and laughter; another amazing individual.

Among the award winners that evening was the inspiring Terroll Lewis, founder and boss of Block Workout. It was great to hear how he has inspired young people to turn to fitness rather than violence and crime. He himself had a troublesome past mixing with “the wrong crowd” getting into gang wars and ended up in prison. After his time inside, Terroll turned his life around. He wanted to make a difference; he wanted fitness to bring people together, so that gangs ended up training together instead of fighting each other. He started a community centre/gym based in Brixton but reached out far and wide to housing estates across the country. Thanks to a recent TV series, it’s even gone global. Now many young people look up to Terroll, respect him and are inspired by him.

During the interval we were entertained by Somalian born British standup comedian, Prince Abdi. He had the whole crowd roaring with laughter when he took centre stage. What a brilliant touch to such a great evening.

One of the highlights of the evening for us was when one of our loyal customers, Rashid Razza from Olympia gym, won “Best Body Transformation Coach” of the year. What an amazing achievement. Many members from his gym who have worked with him to reach their goals were there to see him receive his trophy.

Rash, trophy, Gio and Shay all smilesRash, trophy, Gio and Shay 3quarter length


Another great success was award for the “Best New Comer” of the year, which went to Micquel Wright, in 2016 he has successfully launched his own brand, and entered the Bodybuilding world winning 3 Bodybuilding shows back to back (one of which was the PCA British Finals First Timers category). It is people like him who inspire others, especially when he has so quickly rocketed to success through hard work, determination, drive and support of his family and friends.

Micquel wright and trophy, Beth, Shay, GioMiquel Wright PCA Novice winner


There were so many amazing individuals that you can’t name all of them, but it was a pleasure to be able to see all of these hard working people be recognised for their contributions in the fitness world. All in all we had a great evening, many of the invitees came over to the Bodyshocker stand to talk to us and taste the products, we met some inspiring and driven people and were proud to be the sponsor for the UK Fitness awards for the 2nd year running. We can’t wait to be there again next year!