Vitargo Ambassador Triumph

Vitargo Ambassador, Linn Erixon Sahlstrom, has had some great triumphs last year fuelled by Vitargo.

Linn Vitargo Ambassador pic 6

Linn told us “It has been invaluable to have Vitargo fuel by my side for the races and the training I have done”.

We love to hear of our ambassadors success so she wrote to us to tell us how she got on, and here is what she said;

“Thank you to the Bodyshocker Team for your support throughout 2016.  The highlight of the year was coming 3rd as veteran in the UK and Scottish Championships of the Ultra Trail running in Scotland.  I have been participating more in my club – Bournemouth Athletic Club, which has won every series (cross country, 10 km & marathons) in the south.  I, myself, won a XC in my Club vest and hit a PB for 10k (43:40).  I very much look forward to continuing as your Ambassador for Vitargo during 2017.”

What a great athlete and inspiration to many, we really look forward to supporting Linn throughout what will be another successful year in 2017.

Linn Vitargo Ambassador pic collage