Sinister Labs

Sinister labs

The Sinister Labs mission is to provide only the highest quality energy and protein packed functional foods to nourish the body and fuel your workouts. You can forget those once forbidden “cheats”.  Sinister have turned your “cheats” into sinfully delicious and guilt free treats!

Sinister have created products that the world has never seen before! Both Scott James (founder) and 5 x 212 Mr. Olympia Flex Lewis, are considered experts in the Fitness and Nutrition Industry and have identified a hole in the functional food market which prompted them to design the first flavoured, caffeinated and protein infused spreads. To top it all off, not only did they make the first delicious nut spread of its kind, but the inclusion of the distinct and memorable Psychobilly Art helps to create a buzz and excitement that makes the product truly unique.