Sport Sense

Sport Sense

Sport Sense is the world’s only 100% natural water, where the ratio of sodium to potassium is the same as in physiological saline. It restores the acid-alkaline natural balance of the body, counteracting acidification. By restoring correct pH 7,4 it raises the quality of our blood. Through the included electrolytes, Sport Sense results in faster hydration of the body. This ensures increased energy and vitality, well-being and better concentration. Bottled at Artesian source in the Baltic spa resort Kolobrzeg. It contains electrolytes, a’unique  natural mineral composition from Permian salt like Selenium and Iodine.

Sport Sense causes:

minerals + natural alkalinity:

* Supplies electrolytes

* Faster Regeneration

* Quick De-acidification

* Detoxify liver

* Improves blood quality

* Better concentration

iodine + selenium support:

* Brain work

* Thyroid activity

* Hair

* Nails

Heighten the performance of your body and maximise the benefits of Sport Sense.