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Gio Cantone

When did you start working at Bodyshocker?

I started Bodyshocker in July 2007

I am the Managing Director of Bodyshocker

I worked for Jaguar Land Rover in I.T.

Yes.I regularly train and love to keep fit and healthy

Training, listening to music

I love watching films and listening to music

Freshly made Italian Pasta, you cant beat it when it’s freshly made in southern Italy. I also love steak, medium rare of course!

Good food and Exercise

Coming 3rd in Mens Health Magaziine, search for a cover model

LIZ Cantone

When did you start working at Bodyshocker?

I started Bodyshocker in July 2007

Head of Accounts and joint Managing Director

I used to work for in HR and Training at Lunpolly, which is now TUI.

Yes, I like to train at a local gym with my sister.

I used to do tap dancing, modern, and acro. Sadly I don’t get much time to dance anymore so instead I do Zumba when I can.

I love to watch movies and eat out.

My favourite would have to be a BBQ rack of spare ribs, or curry or chinese.

I think it would have to be, keeping Bodyshocker financially afloat throughout the challenging times of lockdowns and covid restrictions etc


Trade Sales, Customer Service, General Admin, Logistics

Credit Management & International Trade Finance with 2 A listed companies

I sometimes train at a local gym with my sister

Yes, I love to Travel, go on Cruises, and I am a member of a Virtual Choir

Gardening, Listening Music (all types)

I have a few, Italy, Greek Islands & Las Vegas

Working for 50 years (without a break)


Account and Sales Manager

I was a Chef and worked in TGI Fridays, and then John Lewis as a Chef.

Yes I love to train, but have to fit it in around my dad duties.

Cooking and training

Spend time with my family

Chef Shack street food!

Owning my own food business

Charlie Donlan



Warehouse Operations Manager

Yes, I usually train around my family nowadays.

Finding new places to eat out, trying new food, and spending time with the family

Watch a film with the wife

Smash Burgers, and Steak

Gaining my degree and being a successful gym owner

Tom Donlan