Scitec Nutrition

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Scitec Nutrition® has grown fst in the last 20 years to become one of Europe’s leading dietary supplement brands with more than 700 product variants, 135 flavors and is still growing!

Scitec has its own warehouse and manufacturing facility in a more than 30 000 m2 .  Having their own warehouse and using state of the art machines allows them to be able to deliver their quality guarantee.

Scitec is one of the largest whey protein consumers in the world, selling 120 million servings annually in over 50 flavors!

Scitec have a unique product tracking system based on engraved codes.  Every product has its unique barcode and batch number. It helps in tracking out where, when, to whom and in which country the product has been sold, so you can be sure of what you are buying, so there’s no faking it!