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Vitargo is revolutionary in refuelling/rehydrating athletes and is proven to be the fastest Muscle Fuel.

Vitargo is a high grade carbohydrate used in fuelling and recovery of athletes.  It is proven to provide the fastest muscle fuel (4 x more energy than ordinary brands).  It acts as a transport system, and is far quicker absorbed than any other carb (70% faster than comparing carbs).

Vitargo is the only product of its kind that is university-research proven to be a more effective refueling and recovery. Every batch of vitargo is clinically tested to guarantee no impurities or banned sub-stances are present, important for many althletes who undertake regular drugs tests.

Post-exercise ingestion of Vitargo improves per-formance during subsequent bouts of exercise, ensuring muscles are properly replenished to enable rapid re-engagement of intense exercise.  Clinical studies prove that Vitargo replenishes glycogen levels 68% faster which allows for an increase in perfor-mance of up to 23% after just two hours of consumption.

Vitargo transports through the stomach faster than any other carbohydrate for an instant surge of energy, with-out leaving you feeling bloated/cramping like many oth-er ordinary slower digested energy drinks.  When other products are used alongside Vitargo (eg. protein, electrolytes, etc) their absorption is far faster than when used alone.